About Micro Worldwide

Swiss company Micro-Mobility was founded in 1999. Its innovative, high quality scooters and kickboards heralded a revolution in personal transport. Employing a combination of elegant Swiss design and cutting-edge technology, Micro’s designs have won over 50 prestigious awards worldwide. The headquarters for Micro-Mobility are located in Zurich Switzerland.

Micro has a unique corporate culture which revolves around innovation. It applies to everything they do, starting with design, but extending to their management style, promotions and distribution. They speak of being a Micro ‘family’ and they truly act as one, collaborating to continually improve each product. Today, Micro scooters are the highest quality, best-reviewed scooters available, sold in over 80 countries with over 4000 stores around the world. Learn more about Micro at www.micro.ms.

The story behind the creation of the first Micro scooter has become widely known. Wim Ouboter was a young inventor living just outside of Zurich, Switzerland. The distance to his favorite lunchtime sausage shop, the Sternen Grill, was too far to walk but too short for a car or even a bike. Recalling the scooter of his youth he set about designing, together with his wife Janine, a foldable scooter large enough for an adult. The result triggered a worldwide boom starting in the year 2000. Just check the Razor scooter Wikipedia page and you will see ‘the Razor scooter was invented by micro-mobility'. Wim and his team went on to create many other award-winning innovations in the years that followed, continuing to this day with the recent award-winning Micro Luggage, the Pedalflow and the line of electric scooters, for adults and the ubiquitous Mini and Maxi for children seen frequently in the celebrity press.


Micro Mobility is available in over 80 countries around the world. See where in the world Micro is here.

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