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Flex Air

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The air-tire scooter designed for rough roads.

The Flex Air is the only 2-wheel scooter from Micro that features air-filled rubber tires. Designed to be our most comfortable and shock-absorbing ride, it is ideal for riding rough urban sidewalks, unpaved country paths or cobblestone roads.

The main advantage of the air-filled rubber tires is the way they absorb vibrations on rougher riding surfaces. Micro's other models all feature polyurethane wheels which are known to be smooth-gliding and fast, but more-so on smoother surfaces. While our rubber air filled tires are slower than our PU wheels, they can still cut down on commute time on rougher terrain, as you won’t have to dismount and walk your scooter over bumps. Just keep cruising!

If your commute features uneven sidewalks, brick paths, or gravel roads, you might want to consider the Micro Flex Air. We love the way the large 200 mm air filled rubber tires grab uneven surfaces and in our opinion the Micro Flex Air is the most comfortable, shock-absorbing ride around.

An integrated back brake system and padded handlebars add to your comfort and control. Maximum rider weight is 220 lbs.

Please note, this product features pneumatic (air-filled) tires. It is important to fully inflate both tires prior to use. Correct pressure (36PSI) is written on each tire.

The Flex Air comes completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. Unfold your scooter and ride. Use the patented two-way kickstand to keep your scooter upright while parked. Feel free to leave late and arrive early, as scooting cuts walking time in half!

As with all of our Micro’s products, every part of the Micro Flex Series is replaceable, meaning your scooter will last virtually forever.

SAFETY - We recommend that riders wear a helmet.

Please note, this scooter is not designed for tricks, jumps, hops, etc. For extreme scooters designed for that style of riding, check out our Chilli Pro Scooters.

More Information
Age Teen Adult
Weight capacity 220lbs
Scooter Weight 11 lbs
Storage and Travel 29" x 5.5" x 13"
Handle Height 25.5" to 36" from deck, 39" from ground
Wheel size/material Front and back: 200 mm, Air filled rubber tires
Length/width of scooter 36" x 9.5"
Steering T-Bar
Length/width of standing deck 14" x 5.5"
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